Vacate Clean

Vacate Cleaning or End of Lease Cleaning Perth


For end of lease cleaning our goal is to get your bond back and to keep your rental history in good standing.

Our end of lease cleaning team would prefer not to have to go back and re-clean. How ever neither you nor they know the expectations of your rental inspector and is the inspector a property manager or the owner with unreal or bond keeping intentions. So if they are requested to return to a job, then they do continue to charge $40 per cleaner per hour.

If the customer is not available to authorise more time. The cleaning will stop after the authorised/requested amount of time (we often clean for a short while longer) but they will not continue without authorisation from the customer. This may require us to go back. If the customer is there, then this problem does not occur.

End of lease cleaners

How much will it cost and how much time needed depends on:

Vacate clean what affects the price

House Size

The make up of the house how many bedrooms, bathrooms, living or other rooms, etc

How bad is it?

Naturally the cleaner the house when we get there, the less time it takes to clean.

What needs to be cleaned?

Do you want windows, ovens, balconies, light fittings, exhaust fans, walls etc, cleaned.

And the big one Expectations, is the inspector the owner or property manager?

Here is our pricing for the number of hours to clean a standard house that is in a reasonable state, purely based on number of bedrooms and bathrooms, are: (based on 1 cleaner, it would be the same price if 2 or 3 cleaners are used to get the job done faster.)

Vacate Cleaning Perth End of Lease Costs

A standard house that is in a reasonable state, purely based on number of bedrooms and bathrooms, are:


1 bedroom unit 4 to 5 hrs $160 to $200
2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit 5 – 6 hrs $200 to $240
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 8 man hrs $320
4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house 10 – 12 man hrs $400 to $480
5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house 12 – 14 man hrs $480 to $560

These prices are for end of lease, not regular house cleaning


Cleaning Perth

Vacate and end of lease cleaning inclusions

Throughout the property Include:

•    Vacuum floors
•    Wash hard floors
•    Skirting’s & window sills
•    Accessible light fittings, light switches & power points
•    Built in furniture (wardrobes & closets)
•    Internal doors, door handles & frames
•    Accessible exhaust fans & air con vents
•    Laundry area including sink, taps & basin
•    Mirrors cleaned
•    Internal cobwebs removed
•    Occasional spot cleaning of walls

Vacate Clean in the Kitchen Include:

•    Bench tops & tile area
•    Sink, basin & taps
•    Stove top
•    Oven & grill including all racks
•    Range hood/extractor fan
•    Cupboards & drawers (inside & outside)
•    Pantry

Vacate Clean in the Bathroom(s) & Toilet(s) include.

•    Toilet(s) – cleaned & sanitised
•    Tile areas & vanity units
•    Sink basin & taps, bath(s) & taps
•    Shower area including shower head, taps & screens

Our end of lease cleaning Perth services, eliminate all the nasty spots and dirt for you to receive your bond money and move on to the next property without any worry.

Our end of lease cleaning team are trained to follow your instructions to the tiniest details and can even provide excellent end of lease cleaning Perth services on tight or a limited budget.

The thing that sets us apart from other end of lease cleaning services is in our attention to detail. Our experienced personnel always carry a end of lease cleaning checklist that is similar to ones being carried by your landlords. Equipped with suitable end of lease cleaning equipment and effective products, our team of end of lease cleaning services will ensure that your glasses are free from limescale deposit, your kitchen stove is rid of all the accumulated grease. End of lease cleaning goes by several names. To some people end of lease cleaning is bond cleaning while to some other people, it is also known as exit clean/ vacate cleaning but whatever the name is, the essence remains the same, and that is the cleaning of the occupied properties when the staying duration has come to an end.

Call us to organise the best possible end of lease cleaning date and time.

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