Cleaning Services Perth Pricing

How often should I use your cleaning services

As often as you like, most people choose a weekly service but we also understand that there are certain jobs you don’t like so we can even provide a twice a week Service for those.

Is it important for me to be home for my cleaning services

No you don’t have to be home our cleaners are completely trustworthy, what is important is that you have arranged a initial meeting to discuss your needs at the beginning of your first service, making sure you’re cleaner knows your needs for making both happy. So if you present when your cleaner comes make sure you have arranged access to your home.

Can I trust the person coming into my Perth home

Definitely, we do background checks and personal interviews but most importantly we make them understand that if anything goes missing that they will be the first person suspected even if they are innocent.

Can I change my cleaning services schedule

You can either contact us 0416 074 350 or your cleaner directly

If I am not happy with my cleaner cannot change them

Yes, just give us a call and we will discreetly change them

Can I be sure of the quality of your services

We certainly can, our cleaners take pride in their work remember this is there Pride and joy the type of work they have chosen to do, but please keep in mind they are working to a time frame that you have set so please ensure you had booked enough time for them to get the job done and that you have explained properly your requirements.

Who provides cleaning products and equipment?

If you provide the cleaning products and equipment you will get a discount on your hourly rates.

Can the cleaner come to my place and provide a quote in Perth

Yes, or we can give you an estimate over the phone 0416 074 350 but sometimes the best way is the book 4 hours and see if there’s too many or not enough, we’re guarantee we will not hang around to use up more time as needed.

How and when to pay for the services

We accept cash and Internet bank transfer and this should be done at the beginning or end of the service

Should I give a key to the cleaner

You certainly can, most of our clients have very busy lives and are not able to be home when the cleaner is due.

Do I get a receipt for your cleaning servises

If you would like a receipt for the service please advise the cleaner.